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Please allow me to enlighten you to why there is an icon of a fish on my Meet Me page. Well, I have passion for the sea and try to spend as much time close to and in it as possible. Where ever I see water I cannot resist throwing myself into it (despite the temperature). From the frozen Atlantic, to the warm Egyptian sea or even Brighton in May.


Since I am forced to spend most of my life on land, I decided to do a job that involves helping and caring for others.  Growing up I wanted to be a cardiologist, as I was fascinated by the heart (it beats incessantly, pumping blood around the body - giving us life). I started studying dentistry and I was equally fascinated by the mouth as a gateway to our bodies, whilst still incorporating my knowledge in science, math, medicine and surgery.

Beyond the mouth and teeth, I was interesting in how diseases develop, how to diagnose them and how to treat them. Further developing this to how they can be prevented. The result, I perform specialist oral surgery procedures, diagnose and treat oral diseases.


Besides the sea my other passion is my son!


I recently found a place in London where you can wakeboard. So amazing to be able to do this in London!

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