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Oral surgery consultations

Oral medicine consultations

Wisdom teeth assessment and treatment

Difficult extractions

Removal of buried roots

Impacted teeth assessment and treatment

Surgical exposure of impacted teeth and bond of orthodontic attachment for orthodontic treatments

Mouth biopsies: incisional and excisional followed by histopathological examination

Labial and lingual fraenectomy

Crown lengthening

Removal of superficial salivary glands stones

Repair of oroantral communications




Dental Implants placement

Bone augmentation procedures before implant placement

Dental implants placement

Repair of oroantral communications


Assessment and treatment of Oral Medicine conditions including:

Oral lichen planus

Orofacial pain

Vescicobollus diseases

Burning mouth Syndrome

Temporomandibular disorders

Benign soft tissue lesions

Oral Cancer screening

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I offer a range of oral surgery, oral medicine and dental implant treatments. Please explore my frequently asked questions and treatment videos below.